The Eclipse

Bodies bound to worlds apart Daylight may reach in vain, Never to touch the nightly realm Nor share the same celestial plane; These laws of nature cannot change. Yet then, every now and again Orbits rebel and bend, And in briefest blink two paths cross Chemistry burns and schisms mend, As they meet amongst the heavens. High above the world they sit, Mr. Sun all ablaze, Ms. Moon glowing, serene and sure And embracing him with fixing gaze, Removes her coat of ink and stars. Eyes connect in warm caress As tension fills the air, At last he takes her hands in his And, almost more than each can bear, An avalanche swallows them whole. The sun lays a burning kiss Upon the neck of night As the clock tolls he bids farewell Bound with heavy heart to homeward flight, The twilight glow of their union Fading into the sky. ART [Monocle] Innominate_The Eclipse Illustrated by Minji Reem

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