Soliciting Questions for the Columbia Law Review Mailbag

Law Review Article“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” exclaimed the Wizard of Oz. To some, Law Review is a green animatronic face that grants wishes. To others, it’s billows of smoke. To others still, it’s an emerald-colored city at the end of a yellow brick road. Between being a 1L and recently becoming the Review’s Editor-in-Chief, I learned consistently: There are more myths about the Columbia Law Review than facts.

But I want to pull back the curtain a bit. I want to show you how the experience of being on Law Review is not as boring/exciting, unattainable/achievable, crazy/sane, challenging/easy, inspiring/pedestrian, sexy/unattractive as you think it as. I will be answering any questions about the Review that are emailed to by April 14 at 5 p.m. Ask anything: You will be totally anonymized. (Although, some of your questions may already be answered on the website’s About and Membership pages.)

A final note. I do have an agenda in sharing my experiences with you, though my agenda is fairly simple: While any iotas of the Review’s mystique have long-dissipated for me, I have been unreservedly grateful each and every day for being a part of this institution. When the time comes, I hope you apply and have a chance to share in that experience with me.

Dennis Fan

Editor-in-Chief, Columbia Law Review




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