Seven Haikus for 1L

haikuhandIllustrated by Vicken Antounian


Butchered, hairy hand
holds all of life’s shattered hope;
Can you name the price?


Snowfall on the steps,
A curse, a fall; Of whom
to make example? 

Constitutional Law

Read the words with care;
What they mean to you or I
Only the heart knows

Criminal Law

We discussed depraved
hearts and reckless indifference;
I thought of my ex.

Civil Procedure

If we really could
have Choice of Law, maybe I
would go with Starfleet’s.


Hole under my land
you claim because you dug it;
sounds like Commie talk.

Legal Methods

That boy with nice hair
In the row before yours; you
should not have kissed him.

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