My Book Report: The Bluebook

bookMy Book Report

Name: Anthony Lauriello

Title of Book: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation

Author: Columbia Law Review, Harvard Law Review, Pennsylvania Law Review and the Yale Law Journal

Copyright Date: (the year of the book’s “birthday”): © 1926

Setting: (when/where the story happened): This book happens in lots of places. It has lots of different states from America in it and in Chapter T2 there are many countries like Mexico and France.  It reminded me of Flat Stanley. In that book Flat Stanley went to lots of countries too.

Main Characters: The Bluebook is about someone named Citations.

Problem (if there are more than one, choose the biggest problem): Citations really wants to be correct at everything. However, to be correct Citations has to go through a lot of rules.  There are a lot of them.

Solution (how was the problem solved?): Citations follows each and every rule to be correct.

*Summary of the Plot/Story  (In your own words, what happened in this book?  You can use time/order words if you’d like—first, next, then, after that, finally, etc.):

Citations is the hero of the Bluebook. First the book is blue and makes a summary of what is going to happen. This is like when we have to write our first paragraph for our Thought Essays. Then the book starts for real with white pages. The Bluebook describes what Citations looks like and what his typing face looks like. My typing face is happy because computer class is my favorite. Next Citations learns how to transform into an Id. This is my favorite part. Then Citations gets in big trouble for breaking all of the rules and has to go to court.  He goes to lots of different courts in lots of different places. Then he goes to the Government and meets the President and Senators and other important people. They make laws and learn about law rules. After that Citations reads a lot of books and magazines and newspapers. Next he reads something called law reviews. Next he gets a computer and goes online. Finally he goes on a big trip. He goes to every state and then to every country.

What was your favorite part of the story?  My favorite part of the book was when Citations gets to transform into his short form. The short form is called an Id. As an Id, Citations has to go through all sorts of new rules, but also gets lots of cool powers like being really small.    This reminds me of the Animorphs book called The Predator when the Animorphs become ants to help Ax get his Zero-space transponder so he can go back to his Andalite home planet. I bet Citations and the Animorphs would be friends.

Draw a picture that illustrates your favorite part:


Write a caption to go along with your picture: Citations becoming an Id.

IMG_0765Illustrated by Lane Feler


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