Letter From the Editor: Welcome Aboard the Morningside Aeroplane

ART_LFE_Welcome Aboard the Morningside Aeroplane

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the Morningside Aeroplane. We are thrilled you will be joining us on this Muckin’ grand adventure today.

Below your seats you will find your aviation helmet, goggles, and the latest issue of the Morningside Muckraker – Issue 5: The Summer 2014 Travel Edition.

We have quite the itinerary prepared for you. We’ll first be flying to Seoul, Geneva, and Paris to visit your fellow classmates and hear about their summer experiences abroad. Be prepared to bowl all your stresses away, to get inspired by top-notch jazz, and, of course, to entice your palate with some fine French wine.

Next, on our way back to Morningside Heights, we’ll be making a stop at Times Square. Whether or not you decide to exit at this stop, we strongly suggest you read our featured news piece first. Trust me, it’ll get you asking the right questions about where you’re travelling in your career.

For those of you who plan on participating in EIP, don’t worry if you feel unprepared – we’ll send you off with a style guide, some words of wisdom, and even some funnies so you’ll be in tip-top shape for your interviews. And for you dearest friends who won’t be leaving us at Times Square, we have prepared a special guide to some good ol’ fashioned Muckin’ fun.

Of course, there will be plenty of entertainment during the trip – we have a full list of recommended books, a movie review, and our very own literary supplement, the Monocle, available for your enjoyment.

So with that, we proudly present to you Issue 5 of the Morningside Muckraker. Buckle up those helmets and put on those goggles, folks, ’cause believe me, you’re in for a Muckin’ wild ride.

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