Letter from the Editor: The Art of the Mosaic Identity

lfemainIllustrated by Minji Reem

There’s something eerily fascinating about the concept of looking at yourself in the mirror. You see an image of yourself that is at once so familiar, yet foreign; a view of where you are and where you’ve been, the times you’ve laughed and the times you have cried, traces of those you have loved and those you have been loved by, the place you call home—your mosaic identity.

The Morningside Muckraker proudly presents to you Issue 9: The Art of the Mosaic Identity. In this issue, we have collected some of the most exquisite of “pieces” (pun unintended) that comprise the CLS community. We invite you to feast your eyes on the shades of green, so alive with hope and the drive to move forward; hues of blue, reflecting solemnly on where we are and where we are heading; tinges of red, ripe with love for the law and the community.

So dearest readers, as you peruse this issue, we challenge you to look, to really look in the mirror. Because the mosaic identity is yours to explore.

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