Letter from the Editor: The Art of Self-Discovery

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Yoonji Woo / Morningside Muckraker

There are different dimensions of identity embedded within every personality.

For us law students, there is the typical external law school identity of being logical, intense, responsible, type-A, “thinking” and “judging” in the Myers-Briggs personality breakdown, tabbing statutes and color-coding calendars. But there is also the passionate, heart-led, justice-inspired emotional side of the law student’s identity, which may be buried under the weight of casebooks and cold calls—a side rarely disclosed, if not intentionally hidden.

It is also worth mentioning that there may be parts of yourself that you have not yet discovered to be a part of your identity, something that keeps you up at night or gets you up in the morning, but not necessarily by training or by upbringing. It may be an interest in music—an instrument you’ve been playing for years, but never thought would be the haven it has become—or a love for belly dancing that you had not expected when you picked up cheerleading. It may be an examination—or re-examination—of your racial identity in light of changing societal circumstances.

The Morningside Muckraker proudly presents to you Issue 11: The Art of Self-Discovery. In this issue, we have collected voices from those who have reconfirmed, redefined, rediscovered or newly revealed a side of their identity that helps them be who they are, shaping their lives outside of the law school that make them whole. We invite you to explore the different worlds of those around you, and perhaps embark on your own journey to self-discovery too – I most certainly did, and could not have asked for a better autumn day surrounded by changing leaves and a nice, warm drink.

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