Letter From the Editor: The Art of Moving Forward

Moving forward can be difficult.

It may be because we are wed to our past in ways that define us today, leaving us afraid of changing anything because we don’t know how that will change us; or it may be because we dwell in the past hoping that things will get better without having to put in the effort to move forward. Just as keeping the status quo is comfortable, moving forward can be uncomfortable. But moving forward is sometimes necessary in order to thrive, if not to survive.

It is important to understand that moving forward is different from moving away; the Muckraker and the Monocle are moving forward, but not away from its founding members’ vision. The Monocle will be, as it always has been, a space for Columbia Law School students to express themselves outside of the academic setting. The Monocle will be, as it always has been, the literary and arts magazine published once a semester, and hopefully will be in print one day, just as the founders envisioned. But the Monocle is also moving forward by becoming independent from the Muckraker as a journalistic publication; it will be a standalone literary and arts magazine, separate from the news and journalistic section of the current publication.

Through the redesigned and reorganized Monocle, we hope that Columbia Law students will keep in touch with their artistic self. The new Monocle will be an exciting step forward for the magazine, sustaining the artistic space that it has created for the past three years and revamping it to become a more accessible, reputable and integrated part of the Columbia Law School community.

Our April Issue, the twelfth issue since the founding of the publication in 2013, is an introduction to what the Monocle will be; as you will see, we are moving forward, but not entirely away. We have featured written and visual pieces for you to peruse on this mucking beautiful day; welcome, and enjoy.

Yours Truly,
Yoonji Woo
(Outgoing Editor-in-Chief, 2015-2016)

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