Letter From the Editor: The Art Of Finding Your Fuel

photo 1 (5)Ladies and Gentlemen: What you see before you is a “visible gas pump,” which was used (long before the existence of modern-day cars and electric gas pumps) to pump fuel into automobiles. It was called the visible gas pump because of the clear glass cylinder compartment, which allowed people to see the fuel that they were getting.

This issue of the Muckraker is akin to this clear glass cylinder compartment of the visible gas pump. You will find an amalgam of impassioned voices that comprise the very fuel that drives the CLS community – the call for crucial conversations about the University’s sexual assault policy, driven by a love of law and faith in its possibilities; calls for collective action in response to Ferguson, Missouri and police brutality, driven by compassion and a burning desire to fight for justice; the story of how Tim Wu, students, and alumni, driven by a zest for policy reform, ran a political campaign.

So with that, dearest readers, I proudly present to you Issue 6: The Art of Finding Your Fuel. I invite you to explore, to engage, and most importantly, to challenge yourself to find your fuel.


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