Letter From the Editor: The Art of Courage (and Fear)

There’s one thing I fear more than anything in the world:


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Believe me, my fear of pigeons is a valid one.

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The worst, though, is when I’m rushing to get somewhere, and I see before me Mr. Breadcrumbs and…

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I am faced with the ultimate question – do I keep walking forward, or do I retreat, cross the street, and walk on the other side?

Which do I pick – courage or cowardice?

As law students, we face countless situations that compel us to ask ourselves this question – from small things like getting cold called in class, to bigger things like planning for and making difficult decisions during and after law school, we often find ourselves at the split road between courage and cowardice. And as legal professionals, there are difficult moral and ethical questions we will face throughout our careers, and the right decision will often times require nothing less than courage.

I invite you to join us in this issue of the Muckraker as we explore the Art of Courage (and Fear). You will hear conversations about what it means to take the road less travelled by, both during and after law school; an analysis of the battle that remains towards same-sex marriages and what must be done to move forward; revelations on the importance of helping our colleagues who stand alone in their corners, beaten by fear and despair; a reflection on the conversations that the University has been fostering on gender-based violence, as we continue to move forward.

So dearest readers, the next time you find yourselves in the split road between courage and cowardice (or your very own “flock of pigeons” situations, so to say), I hope you will embrace the fear and keep moving forward.

Because after all, without fear, there’s no courage.
And fear may be inevitable (as is the existence of pigeons), but cowardice is a choice.



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