Like Spring

Like Spring like spring or like summer you are warm, welcome:     Like a breath of fresh air — or sunshine on skin

The Prisoner

The Prisoner The innocent prisoner Sits on his bare mattress on its stark metal frame Alone, watching the dust swirl and settle And it reminds him of home. The innocent prisoner Sees…

Booked: Spring 2016 Book Reviews

“A Window Opens” by Elisabeth Egan Elisabeth Egan’s debut novel hit all the right notes for me – a working mom gets a full-time job in the publishing industry after her husband finds…

Things I Miss

Things I Miss: Unlimited and reliable internet connection. Good public transportation system. Being able to walk on the streets at night. Ubiquitous convenience stores and equally ubiquitous (or, within walkable distance) cafes…

A Likely Story

A Likely Story I once joined the furies In their claw-footed bathtub, blowing Pink, strawberry scented bubbles between Their asparagus-lined teeth. The bottle Said ‘No Tears’, but I cried like an armadillo…

Apathy of Manners

Apathy of Manners I float softly, simply, swiftly, down the stream. why swim like a frog or like a dog? everyone knows it’s better to float on than it is to sink…

Fashion People Are Already Requesting The Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2014 collection was a study in tonality, and so were the wigs, individually dyed to match the pinks, creams, beiges, and brown shades of the clothes. Wear it dry,…




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