Letter From the Editor: The Art of Courage (and Fear)

There’s one thing I fear more than anything in the world: PIGEONS. Believe me, my fear of pigeons is a valid one. The worst, though, is when I’m rushing to get somewhere, and I see before me Mr. Breadcrumbs and… his POSSE OF PIGEONS. I am faced with the ultimate question – do I keep walking forward, or do I retreat, cross the street, and walk on the other side? Which do I pick – courage or cowardice? As law students, we face countless situations that compel us to ask ourselves this question […]

Will It All Come Down to Love? The Confusing Marriage Equality Gamut After October 6

The U.S. Supreme Court’s October 6 decision to deny cert. on seven same-sex marriage cases took nearly everyone by surprise. Less surprising, but equally confusing, was the whirlwind of activity that followed: States directly affected by the rulings (Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin) moved quickly to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Judges around the country now bound by precedents in the Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, and Tenth Circuits began haphazardly striking down remaining state bans. Each day seems to boast a new headline about another ban falling like a quivering domino. But the battle […]

Boy Boxes Bear

Suspension. Expulsion. Leave of absence. Time off. Or a simple evaporation. As the rhythm of classes resumes, as the vacuity left by the student’s disappearance refills, a certainty niggles: he couldn’t hack it. She was weak, and their weakness was some failure of personal constitution. Soon after Adam Lanza’s name appeared in the news during the fall of 1L, mental illness was dragged once again into the spotlight. Less a dialogue than folks on both sides of the church aisle screaming their own right-ness. We were supposed to have a vocabulary for discussing these things. Where […]

The Autumn Effect

In a recent conversation with the Girl, I remarked on all the errands I’d been…

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