The Kids Are Alright: Reflections on Law School

I’d received the news by phone. I was in Atlanta at the time, away from my family, when Mom called to let me know I’d received some massive blue box in the mail. It wasn’t a slim envelope, so we both immediately knew the thing’s import. I’d barely hung up the phone when I’d started getting questions from friends, acquaintances, family of friends, friends of family, family of acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances, varied in wording, but all carrying the same DNA: “Do you think I should go to law school?” Some of these people have already […]

Reconsidering Rape: The Consequence of Muckraking

Lane Feler wrote “Reconsidering Rape: Experience as the Life of the Law” in Issue 2 of the Morningside Muckraker, and followed it up with “Reconsidering Rape: The Conundrum of Silence” in Issue 6. Though she is now the Opinions Editor, she offers this third piece in her trilogy as a contributor, not in her capacity on the editorial board. “You may recall the description of the Man with the Muck-rake, the man who could look no way but downward with the muck-rake in his hands; who was offered a celestial crown . . . but […]

Editorial: Be it Resolved

January brings a certain amount of reflection; we are pressed to consider that we stand at the beginning of a New Year, with the capacity to change—or not. Some of us formally declare those things, big or small, that will not survive 2015. A death to bad habits, less-savory personality traits, failing relationships. But we also give life to new aims: finally learning to play the guitar, applying for the dream job, writing a letter once a week (that last one is mine). Ultimately, we hope the cutting back and the moving forward will enable the best, or at least better, version of ourselves. […]

Deus ex Machina

The whine of a 56k modem signals for me the beginning of an age. An awkward, rocky beginning of single landlines and “Get off the Internet; I’m tryna make a call!” Geocities webpages. Neon font. Crudely embedded images in Metallica tribute pages. At that point, DSL and cable modems belonged to households outside our tax bracket, so time spent on the Internet was precious, sometimes transgressive. The whine of a 56k modem will always be attached to an obsession with Dragonball Z, music videos with the aerial acrobatics of snowboarders set to Korn and Limp Bizkit, […]

Will It All Come Down to Love? The Confusing Marriage Equality Gamut After October 6

The U.S. Supreme Court’s October 6 decision to deny cert. on seven same-sex marriage cases took nearly everyone by surprise. Less surprising, but equally confusing, was the whirlwind of activity that followed: States directly affected by the rulings (Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin) moved quickly to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Judges around the country now bound by precedents in the Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, and Tenth Circuits began haphazardly striking down remaining state bans. Each day seems to boast a new headline about another ban falling like a quivering domino. But the battle […]

Boy Boxes Bear

Suspension. Expulsion. Leave of absence. Time off. Or a simple evaporation. As the rhythm of classes resumes, as the vacuity left by the student’s disappearance refills, a certainty niggles: he couldn’t hack it. She was weak, and their weakness was some failure of personal constitution. Soon after Adam Lanza’s name appeared in the news during the fall of 1L, mental illness was dragged once again into the spotlight. Less a dialogue than folks on both sides of the church aisle screaming their own right-ness. We were supposed to have a vocabulary for discussing these things. Where […]

The Autumn Effect

In a recent conversation with the Girl, I remarked on all the errands I’d been…

Op-Art: JG 102B

“I mean, they just sit there and stare at us – even on National Holidays,…

Muck Mail