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  When I was applying to law schools, I devoted a part of my application…

Reflections of a 4L: On EIP, Public Interest, and Other Career Decisions

Dearest 1Ls: You are almost done with your first year! Congrats! As much as you would love to just kick up your heels and totally veg out, more work is around the corner. EIP is coming this summer and you have to prepare for it—or not. The first step is deciding whether you want to do EIP at all. In this brief space, I want to give you some thoughts to take into consideration as you make this decision and others throughout your career. Disclaimer: The law school is full of chatter from people who […]

No Apologies

Illustrated by Minji Reem I graduated from Columbia Law School last spring and I now…

Reflections of a 4L

When I graduate in May, I will receive three degrees – a JD, a Master of International Affairs from SIPA (with the horrible abbreviation MIA), and an LLM in International Criminal Law from the University of Amsterdam. I am affectionately called a “4L” by my friends because I’ve been at Columbia for 4 years. You would think that I would walk around thinking that I am the “ish.” Or that I am the next Hillary Clinton (my mother is convinced of this). But I don’t. I don’t know how to evaluate myself. And being at Columbia […]

The Shrouded Jungle

In 2013 the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory outside Dkaha killed 1,129 people. Subsequently, Bangladesh faced pressure from the international community to buttress regulation of the garment sector. This has led to an increase in factory inspections in the world’s second largest exporter of textiles. Still, the lack of regulation outside the industrialized economy has not been addressed. The fabrics produced in this village are dyed by children between the ages of 10 and 12. Their days are spent dipping raw textiles into scalding hot chemicals, before hanging them out to dry along […]

Six of One, a Half Dozen of Another: Why Taking the Road Less Travelled By Has Made All the Difference

I was asked to write this article because some may call my path unconventional: I took only two lecture classes after 1L, didn’t apply for law review, didn’t apply for clerkships, and was cold-called less than 5 times in my last two years. I was also a teaching assistant for three professors, was a Bobbitt section head preceptor, went to Cuba with my seminar class, did 5,000 pages of extra reading for a certificate in Gender and Sexuality (which I never got because I didn’t schedule my oral exam), and started the Muckraker. But as I […]

The Three Year Plan: The Inside Scoop On Where CLS Graduates Are After Law School

Heather Stevenson (CLS ’11): The Fearless Founder of Thirst Juice Company
Law students joke that we’re a neurotic, risk-averse bunch that always wants to see the next thing coming. In our three years here, we apply for internships over six months in advance, gun for grades that will help us get a job two years down the line and build connections that we hope to rely on during the whole of our careers. Most of us have some idea of what our first jobs will look like and how long we’ll stay at them. Most […]


Photo provided by Luis Gabriel Hoyos Following Michael Brown’s death on Saturday, August 9, unarmed…

Reflections on Ferguson

Protesters in Ferguson, MO. Photo by Jamelle Bouie // Licensed under CC2 “Our generation has the memories of…

Hello From Geneva

ATTN: The Morningside Muckraker FROM: Nirali Parikh  This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to…

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