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Ferguson and Beyond: What Happened at CLS When the Media Wasn’t Looking

At the end of the Millions March protest last December, a group of Columbia Law School students simply kept walking. The streets of New York City had been calm, though filled with a larger and more diverse crowd than at previous protests, as the March’s lead organizers had hoped when they asked for a protest permit. Then, when the police permit no longer covered their route, these CLS students decided to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. As one member of the group, third-year student Nawal Maalouf remembered, police officers at […]

JG Sweet Home: Student Photographers Leave Their Mark in JG

Jerome Greene Hall (JG) is not as traditionally attractive as many of the other buildings at Columbia University. In comparison to its stately siblings on main campus, our toaster-esque home outside the main gates is a quirky cousin with eclectic and sometimes questionable taste in interior design. With initiatives already underway to address the problematic lack of diversity among JG’s wall accoutrements, Dean of Student Services Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin and the CLS Student Senate began a project with the simple aim of making JG feel a bit more like home, by bringing student art to the walls of JG […]

Columbia Had First Law School Paper

Contrary to the popular rumors floating along the banks of the Charles, the first law school periodical to be published in this country was not the Harvard Law Review but the Columbia Jurist, which first saw the light of day on February 3, 1885.

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