When I was applying to law schools, I devoted a part of my application…

Co-Counsel: Robert & Elizabeth Scott

You wouldn’t mistake Professors Robert and Elizabeth Scott for native New Yorkers, not if you’d encountered their warm, engaging demeanor. Nor would you likely guess their origins. He hails from India, and is a proud alumnus of Woodstock School, but he attended high school in New Jersey. She was born in Washington, DC, but moved often, as her father was in the Foreign Service. Their paths first crossed at Oberlin College, in Ohio. They have since lived in Virginia, now reside in New York City, and maintain a summer home in Nantucket. Understandably, they struggled […]

A (Very) Unauthorized Companion Text for Admitted Students

Here’s what you need to take away from your Admitted Student Days: your only choice is to make a choice. They invited you to attend a place that’s waaay out of the box! In fact, it doesn’t fit in any box. Except, on occasion, in a lunch box, but more about that later. Mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind dwells only in a healthy body. That’s why you need at least a casual introduction to the world of educated esthetic and culinary choices you will soon be making, well before you start […]

Reflections of a 4L: On EIP, Public Interest, and Other Career Decisions

Dearest 1Ls: You are almost done with your first year! Congrats! As much as you would love to just kick up your heels and totally veg out, more work is around the corner. EIP is coming this summer and you have to prepare for it—or not. The first step is deciding whether you want to do EIP at all. In this brief space, I want to give you some thoughts to take into consideration as you make this decision and others throughout your career. Disclaimer: The law school is full of chatter from people who […]

No Apologies

Illustrated by Minji Reem I graduated from Columbia Law School last spring and I now…

Ferguson and Beyond: What Happened at CLS When the Media Wasn’t Looking

At the end of the Millions March protest last December, a group of Columbia Law School students simply kept walking. The streets of New York City had been calm, though filled with a larger and more diverse crowd than at previous protests, as the March’s lead organizers had hoped when they asked for a protest permit. Then, when the police permit no longer covered their route, these CLS students decided to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. As one member of the group, third-year student Nawal Maalouf remembered, police officers at […]

A Legal Lion’s Livery: Morgan Petkovich & Adam Moss

It’s February. I’m over it. I think I speak for most of us when I say…cold weather is so last season, and I’m looking forward to seeing NYC in spring. Take comfort! The weather apparently sucks everywhere—even the Oscars red carpet, hosted in Hollywood, was rained upon. Still, there is something about the Academy Awards that makes the freezing cold temperatures feel just a little bit warmer. I love watching them, and have every year since I can first remember. The best part will always be the red carpet show. For the past 23 years, my Mom and I have […]

Reflections of a 4L

When I graduate in May, I will receive three degrees – a JD, a Master of International Affairs from SIPA (with the horrible abbreviation MIA), and an LLM in International Criminal Law from the University of Amsterdam. I am affectionately called a “4L” by my friends because I’ve been at Columbia for 4 years. You would think that I would walk around thinking that I am the “ish.” Or that I am the next Hillary Clinton (my mother is convinced of this). But I don’t. I don’t know how to evaluate myself. And being at Columbia […]

A Look Inside My CLS Bag: Jerry Tower

Name: Jerry Tower Hometown: Erial, NJ Undergraduate School: The College of New Jersey Inside My Bag: The most important thing about your backpack in law school is: 1) that it is blue, and 2) that it is small enough to pretend it doesn’t have enough room to carry casebooks. The essentials that I can’t live without and always seem to bring with me are: Headphones, iPhone charger, and an impossible amount of cat fur. (Seriously, my cat sheds on everything I own). The strangest place that I took this bag is definitely JG because I really only bought it because this was the last […]

JG Sweet Home: Student Photographers Leave Their Mark in JG

Jerome Greene Hall (JG) is not as traditionally attractive as many of the other buildings at Columbia University. In comparison to its stately siblings on main campus, our toaster-esque home outside the main gates is a quirky cousin with eclectic and sometimes questionable taste in interior design. With initiatives already underway to address the problematic lack of diversity among JG’s wall accoutrements, Dean of Student Services Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin and the CLS Student Senate began a project with the simple aim of making JG feel a bit more like home, by bringing student art to the walls of JG […]

The Shrouded Jungle

In 2013 the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory outside Dkaha killed 1,129 people. Subsequently, Bangladesh faced pressure from the international community to buttress regulation of the garment sector. This has led to an increase in factory inspections in the world’s second largest exporter of textiles. Still, the lack of regulation outside the industrialized economy has not been addressed. The fabrics produced in this village are dyed by children between the ages of 10 and 12. Their days are spent dipping raw textiles into scalding hot chemicals, before hanging them out to dry along […]

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