Six of One, a Half Dozen of Another: Why Taking the Road Less Travelled By Has Made All the Difference

I was asked to write this article because some may call my path unconventional: I took only two lecture classes after 1L, didn’t apply for law review, didn’t apply for clerkships, and was cold-called less than 5 times in my last two years. I was also a teaching assistant for three professors, was a Bobbitt section head preceptor, went to Cuba with my seminar class, did 5,000 pages of extra reading for a certificate in Gender and Sexuality (which I never got because I didn’t schedule my oral exam), and started the Muckraker. But as I […]

Letter From the Editor

After our colleagues convincingly told us that they enjoyed our first issue, we sat eagerly by our mailbox waiting for letters to the editor, responses to our Query, visions for a new dean, and submissions to our Bulletin Board. None came! At the risk of sounding desperate: we want you to talk to us.

Introducing The Morningside Muckraker

The idea to create the Morningside Muckraker began in Professor Sturm’s Lawyering for Social and Institutional Change class during my 2L year. The law school was our case study and as we discussed various initiatives already taking place or that we hoped would take place at the school, I suggested that they would all be helped by a space dedicated to facilitating constructive dialogue among students, faculty, administrators and alumni about the issues that mattered to these different CLS stakeholders.

Muck Mail