Minji Reem

Letter from the Editor: The Art of Imagination

“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free if you truly wish to be.” – Roald Dahl When I joined the Muckraker as the Art Director last year, my reason for doing so (I must confess) was simple and selfish: I needed to escape the realities of law school. Weary from the constant internal battles between the artist and the lawyer, I sought comfort in the idea of escaping from the law and hiding in the arts. And so, I told Sam Wishman that I would “love to […]

Letter from the Editor: The Art of the Mosaic Identity

There’s something eerily fascinating about the concept of looking at yourself in the mirror. You see an image of yourself that is at once so familiar, yet foreign; a view of where you are and where you’ve been, the times you’ve laughed and the times you have cried, traces of those you have loved and those you have been loved by, the place you call home—your mosaic identity […]

Letter From the Editor: The Art of Listening – What We Heard, and What We Did

It was only when I started exploring jazz that I truly realized the importance of active listening. After countless failed solos, it struck me that the fine line between music and noise lay in listening to what the other band members were playing. Only then could the tune, the “conversation,” ensue. But despite my love for jazz, I realized upon starting law school that active listening, as a law student (and one in New York City), was not always that easy. Amid the sirens, the garbage trucks, the angry commuters in the streets, […]

Letter From the Editor: The Art of Courage (and Fear)

There’s one thing I fear more than anything in the world: PIGEONS. Believe me, my fear of pigeons is a valid one. The worst, though, is when I’m rushing to get somewhere, and I see before me Mr. Breadcrumbs and… his POSSE OF PIGEONS. I am faced with the ultimate question – do I keep walking forward, or do I retreat, cross the street, and walk on the other side? Which do I pick – courage or cowardice? As law students, we face countless situations that compel us to ask ourselves this question […]

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