Reconsidering Rape: The Consequence of Muckraking

Lane Feler wrote “Reconsidering Rape: Experience as the Life of the Law” in Issue 2 of the Morningside Muckraker, and followed it up with “Reconsidering Rape: The Conundrum of Silence” in Issue 6. Though she is now the Opinions Editor, she offers this third piece in her trilogy as a contributor, not in her capacity on the editorial board. “You may recall the description of the Man with the Muck-rake, the man who could look no way but downward with the muck-rake in his hands; who was offered a celestial crown . . . but […]

Editorial: Be it Resolved

January brings a certain amount of reflection; we are pressed to consider that we stand at the beginning of a New Year, with the capacity to change—or not. Some of us formally declare those things, big or small, that will not survive 2015. A death to bad habits, less-savory personality traits, failing relationships. But we also give life to new aims: finally learning to play the guitar, applying for the dream job, writing a letter once a week (that last one is mine). Ultimately, we hope the cutting back and the moving forward will enable the best, or at least better, version of ourselves. […]

On Langston Hughes

My throat feels sore from talking. I have been talking for days. Seated in Professor Sturm’s living room with some battle-weary folk. Sitting now on my porch in snow-capped Colorado. It is peaceful and quiet here, but I can’t escape heated images of flames, of rage, of desperation. I feel overwhelmed by my own feelings of grief: that my friends and strangers alike could feel so deeply cheated by both the system and country I have been taught to revere. It makes me feel cheated too. And, it is more than disconcerting. It is gut-wrenching, tumultuous, frenzied. It can’t be tamped down […]

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