The Adventures of Captain Damos

Damos II

Part I: Introduction

Afloat upon the autumn breeze,
A piece of parchment charred with age,
It rides the wind with greatest ease,
And carries inking on the page.
Engraved upon the paper old,
A warrant for a bandit’s head,
A thousand pounds of finest gold,
For Captain Damos, live or dead.


Part II: The Captain

He sports a smirk, our captain feared,
As he lets drop the paper old,
And stroking with his hand his beard,
He chuckles at his worth in gold.
“These foolish men,” I hear him say,
“O, how they fear a man like me!
So great a fortune they would pay,
To end my presence on the sea.

“But don’t these greedy merchants know,
That killing me will give them naught,
For pirates come and pirates go,
Another will assume my spot.”
And with that ever-glowing pride,
Young Damos signals us, his crew,
To gather closely round his side,
As he devises what to do.

“Dear gentlemen, and lady, too,
These merchants prize us far too much,
So I propose we sail anew,
And take more coffers from the Dutch.
For only then can we be worth,
The price that they have set on me!”
Then with those words he parts with earth,
And steps into the boat to sea…

Aboard the Phoebe, Damos stands,
He’s eyeing the horizon great;
The teakwood helm glides through his hands,
And lets the winds decide his fate.
“The gales blow east today, good friends,”
He yells across the wooden deck,
“Our journeys hereby recommence,
Be ready for a daring trek.”

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