A Look Inside My CLS Bag: Joy Chua

IMG_1114Nelson Hua / Morningside Muckraker

Name: Joy Chua

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Undergraduate school: Brown University

Inside My Bag:

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The most ridiculous place that I’ve taken this backpack is probably the law school library because when it’s filled with casebooks and other law school-related material, I have to perform acrobatics to get through the restrictively narrow turnstiles.

The place I’d like to take this backpack is on a safari from the Masai Mara of Kenya to the Serengeti in Tanzania.

I got this pencil pouch as a gift from a friend during finals period. It’s eerie how accurately the pouch describes my general mindset when in JG (luckily almost all of my classes are in Big Warren this semester).

My mittens keep my hands warm but also remind me of dumplings, because I was in Vancouver in February 2010 to celebrate Chinese New Year. Getting to watch the Winter Olympics was an added bonus!

Nutella is the elixir of life. I’m mourning its creator, Michele Ferrero, who passed away on Valentine’s Day. Having some Nutella every day is an appropriate way to honor his memory and genius, right?

I use my computer to shop online during class. It’s a problem I’m (halfheartedly) working on.

Most people don’t know that I consider figuring out the public transportation systems of the places I’ve traveled as some of my greatest achievements.

The best part about living in NYC is that the frigid snowstorms, grey snow, and subzero temperatures have made me appreciate the tropical humidity that I grew up in.


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