A Look Inside My CLS Bag: Jerry Tower

IMG_1029Photography by Nelson Hua

Name: Jerry Tower

Hometown: Erial, NJ

Undergraduate School: The College of New Jersey

Inside My Bag:

tix corporations headphones laptop tag

The most important thing about your backpack in law school is: 1) that it is blue, and 2) that it is small enough to pretend it doesn’t have enough room to carry casebooks.

The essentials that I can’t live without and always seem to bring with me are: Headphones, iPhone charger, and an impossible amount of cat fur. (Seriously, my cat sheds on everything I own).

The strangest place that I took this bag is definitely JG because I really only bought it because this was the last year I could justify buying a new backpack for the first day of school. I have a different backpack that’s been on every trip I’ve taken in the last 8 years.  I think it’s up to like 10 countries. It has also been left behind in at least 3 bars.

The AMC Tickets were for “Interstellar,” and it was convoluted, but pretty!

This visitor pass is for getting past the security guards at my externship. I’m doing a pro bono copyright case with supervising attorneys at Cravath and we have weekly meetings in their offices on Mondays.


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