A Look Inside My CLS Backpack: Melanie Jolson

IMG_0799Photography by Nelson Hua

Name: Melanie Jolson

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Undergraduate School: Brandeis University

Inside My Bag:

IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0782 IMG_0785 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0790

The thing that I love most about my classic black tote bag is: How classic it is. I needed the perfect bag for EIP and I had a few 3L friends help me pick this one out. It is structured, so it stood up on its own on the floor, it fits everything I need in it and it is beautiful without being too much.

The essentials that I can’t manage living without and always seem to bring with me everywhere are: Chapstick, my iPhone (it’s a problem, I want to get one of those cell-phone holder stocking things Jenna Elfman’s character used in “Keeping the Faith”), my MetroCard, and at least one of those external phone charger blocks all the firms were giving out at EIP

The strangest place I took this bag is definitely EIP because: few experiences in my life have been stranger than EIP.

The readings in my bag are about: law in the film industry for a seminar – I like this whole 2L classes without textbooks thing.

The bracelet pictured here is the six wives of Henry the 8th because: I was a history major in college and I saw this bracelet at an art fair in Boston and had to have it.

My ray bans are: an essential part of my wardrobe – I’m really big on sun protection – SPF 30 every day even in the winter and sunglasses have to go with me everywhere.

Every woman needs a bag that: she can bring to a job interview.

On the weekends you’ll find me: spending Shabbat on the UWS and holed up in a coffee shop working on my note or classwork on Sundays.


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