A Legal Lion’s Livery: Taj Emilio Tucker & Caroline Kassie

February, despite the terrible weather and often-abhorred holiday of hearts, is actually one of the more exciting months in Manhattan. The City becomes abuzz with creativity and innovation as the world’s fashion elite and fashion-hungry travel from all corners of the Earth for New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week, hectic and glamorous, is perhaps emblematic of life in Manhattan.  As law students in the Big Apple, we certainly have no trouble experiencing chaos. Unfortunately, we often have to push ourselves to experience the beautiful in Manhattan, whether it be seeing a show on Broadway, walking through Central Park or enjoying a cocktail at a bar with your friends.

Some of our peers, however, still manage to regularly bring to the Morningside campus the glamour and beauty that makes NYFW and Manhattan so famous. They remind us of the lovely city that we live in, and how many interesting and utterly fabulous people there are to meet here.


“I nominated Taj because his fashion constitutes a positive message to his peers.  Behind the scenes of any well-dressed presentation is effort (even when it looks effortless) and a subtle care for others.  Through five-day weeks and morning classes, Taj maintained an image that conveyed strong self-respect and respect for the classmates he spends all day with.  Most of us, myself included, only present our best for employers and cocktails, things we generally consider more important.  Taj maintains that attitude every day and with all of us.  As a reflection of his stance towards his peers, just seeing his attire was like receiving a daily, personal compliment.  This nomination is an acknowledgement of his character.”                                                                                          – Terence Kim, 1L


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Name: Taj Emilio Tucker

Age: 23

Hometown: Hacienda Heights/Claremont, California 

Undergrad: Harvard University

The song that reminds me most of high school is… Mariah Carey’s “Through the Rain.” I never really got over it after middle school, and I used to listen to it on repeat every day after baseball practice back then.

On my perfect day off I – What is a day off? Kidding. I would guiltily catch up on my favorite TV shows, check out a local art or music show, and catch up with friends.

The actress I’d pick to play me in a movie is… Angela Bassett (see “Waiting to Exhale,” “What’s Love Go to Do with It,” and “American Horror Story”). She plays incredibly smart and powerful characters that are vulnerable, nonetheless. She always looks great too.

My favorite season is summer because… I love tailored shorts, bright colors, and Otter Pops.

If I were a pair of jeans, I would be… a high-waisted and pleated pair. Ironically, this is the Diane Keaton-Annie Hall look, meant to offer a woman’s take on male fashion. But in all seriousness, why are there no designers making high-waisted pants for men?

The TV Sitcom family I would be a part of is… The Brady Bunch because I’d fit right in.

I admire Hilda Solis because… she’s a Southern California native who has gone on to do great work for California and the country.

My (most recent) fashion inspiration is… Micaela Erlanger because she is the brains behind the incredibly glamorous, classic looks of award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.

In the next year I’d like to accomplish…

      Get Beyoncé to respond to my calls and emails

      Get Solange to pass the phone to Beyoncé when she picks up

      Get to the gym more often


“You know that feeling when you put on your favorite adorable-yet-comfy study attire for a day in JG, only to discover during the bathroom break after your first class that you actually look like a much-loved stuffed animal? Caroline Kassie doesn’t. Girlfriend rocks a Vince sweater like nobody’s business, keeping every law student’s dream of looking cute, even in the depths of finals, alive. But she’s not a one-note fashionista, trading her sweater chic vibe for iconic Ferragamo pumps at EIP. Classy and cool, Caroline’s sense of style is the Holy Grail for a law student!”
– Mary Dohrmann, 2L


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Name: Caroline Kassie

Age: 23

Hometown: Toronto

Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania

On my perfect day off I… sleep off my hangover and memories of tax class, brunch with friends, walk around downtown or Smorgasburg, and top it off with even more food (and lots of drinks) at a great dinner.

The actress I’d pick to play me in a movie is… Angelina Jolie because a girl can dream.

If I could add a person to Mt. Rushmore it would be all three members of Destiny’s Child because “I don’t think you’re ready for this.” 

My Favorite season is fall (despite the fact that it technically includes finals) because I love layering, school supply shopping, and seeing the leaves change color.

The TV Sitcom family I would be a part of is really tough call between the Bluths (of “Arrested Development”) for constant comedy and a lifetime of free frozen bananas, and the Tanners (of “Full House”) for Uncle Jesse.  

I am a glass half-full of spiked hot chocolate kind of a person. 

I admire anyone who remained my friend during my 1L year for their patience and tolerance.

My fashion inspiration is my mom because she is always elegant.

In the next year I’d like to accomplish…

      Travel to at least 3 new places

      Start my own company

      Spend more time with friends and family

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