A Legal Lion’s Livery: Monk Seaman & Brittany Hazelwood

It’s time to resurrect your favorite warm weather fashion necessities because Spring has officially “sprung.” I’ve been itching to dust off my favorite white dress for a night out in the City—as much as I wanted to rock “winter white” it just didn’t feel right during this brutal winter. I suspect that many of you, like me, are thrilled to put the past season (and wool coats) behind us.

Since moving to the East Coast, Spring has always been the season where I most relish the clothes I wear. It’s great to see my boots slowly move to the back of my closet as my smoking slippers and sandals move to the front. It’s like saying hello to old friends. As a native Southern Californian, these are the “friends” that I’ve always felt the closest too.  A little piece of home.

No matter how I feel about Spring, there is no denying that it stays lighter longer and is also becoming warmer and life becomes just a little bit easier again for all of us. So fellow Lions breaks out the wellies for those April showers and grab your on-trend pastels because now is as good a time as ever to enjoy NYC—we did, after all, endure the worst winter in a while and that is truly something to celebrate.


“Fashion among male law students tends to vacillate between two extremes — the “I just rolled out of bed wearing my college frat sweatshirt” look, and the “hungry-like-the-wolf interview suit.” Monk’s style finds a refreshing middle ground that’s at once sophisticated and effortless. Though we’ve spoken only a handful of times, I know that he comes from an artistic family. Monk’s natural creativity is reflected in his easygoing sense of style and personality. His colorful cable-knit sweaters added pizazz to our Contracts class, which I always appreciated.” – Samantha Peikoff


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Name: Monk Hooper Seaman

Hometown: NYC

Undergrad: Penn

If I could invite any person living or dead to a party it would be Chris Farley because he’s awesome.

When trick-or-treating as a kid I always hated getting Good & Plenty because I’m not a senior citizen.

My favorite children’s story is “The Giving Tree.”

My favorite Saturday Morning Activity is a round of golf with similarly unskilled players.

I would like to be remembered for my sense of humor and chiseled jawline.

My style is most inspired by Oscar Wilde because “Looking good and dressing well is a necessity. Having a purpose in life is not.”

The type of hat that describes my personality best is the umbrella hat—classic yet practical.

My favorite movie is “Apocalypse Now.”

I dream to (3 things):

  1. Clone myself enough times to reenact the self-portal scene in “Being John Malkovich.”
  2. Break Kim Jong-Il’s world golf record of 11 holes-in-one.
  3. Move to Hawaii.


“I nominated Brittany because she was the first person I saw at CLS whose fashion inspired me to dress better. I noticed her across numerous rooms during orientation week and was enamored with the ways in which she combined patterns and bright colors meticulously (so hard to do) and managed to make her outfits look elegant and effortless. As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve realized that even her most button-up outfits are always topped off with the perfect scarf or coat, beautiful leather shoes, or unique accessories to make them pop. Brittany is the person I dress for at CLS and the person who reminds me that fashion can be a powerful way to express the beautiful people we are on the inside. As I layer on clothes every morning, I’m hopeful that I’ll run into Brittany and she’ll compliment me on my outfit: a sure way to make me feel like just maybe I did something right that day.” –Taj Tucker


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Name: Brittany L. Hazelwood

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky / Berlin, Germany

Undergrad: Columbia University – Columbia College

If I could invite any person living or dead to a party it would be Freddie Mercury because nothing gets a party started quite like a bottomless mic.

Most people don’t know that I was a pole-vaulter. Or that I’ve unsuccessfully tried to learn the harmonica at least three times.

My recurring nightmare is that I miss an important event by taking too long to get dressed. Or that I only get candy corn during Halloween – it’s an abomination to even the hardiest palette.

I would like to be remembered for my earnestness and sense of humor. I like to think I get both from my brothers, who are funnier than the barbers in “Coming to America” and as earnest as Prince Akeem looking for Mrs. Right in Queens.

The punctuation mark that best describes my personality is “air quotes” because they don’t take themselves too seriously.

My style is most inspired by Berlin because it’s where I first learned there are no rules in fashion. And the incomparable Liya Kebede.

If I could time travel I would have recorded the stories of my elders and told Beyoncé not to lip-sync the inauguration.

My favorite movie is “Carmen Jones” because it was one of the first movies my Mom showed me. Plus Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte are simply divine. Close second would be “Überleben in New York.”

I dream to (3 things):

  1. Tap into at least 10% of my Dad’s charisma.
  2. Co-write a screenplay.
  3. 3. Start a translating Kanye West blog.

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