A Legal Lion’s Livery: Eliazar Chacha & Alana Walker


“Look good; feel good; play good”—the motto that this issue’s fashionistas—“Chacha” and Alana—appear to have when approaching finals. I so admire their ability to maintain a level of control over their lives during this time of year. For most law students during finals, we can barely find the time to get a decent 8 hours of sleep or workout– let alone look polished. Sometimes we too quickly allow stress shockwaves to overcome our daily routines, wreaking havoc on those things that make us happiest day-to-day. These are the things, however, that are the best tool of self-preservation during our tenure at CLS. Maybe there is something to it—preserving a sense of humanity during the chaos of the close of the semester. So do yourself a favor and sleep in for an extra 30 minutes, go to the gym, or watch that re-run of Seinfeld. At the end of the day I guarantee you will be better for it, as these all-stars are.

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“Eliazar’s style matches his personality. His clothes are as welcoming as he is. It’s the kind of style that makes you think “damn that looks good” but you’re not afraid to ask where he got the pieces from. Even if he wasn’t the loudest one in the halls of JG, you’d still take notice of this man’s style. To put it simply, Eliazar’s style will make you want to do the “Cha Cha.”     –Phillip Cushing

Name: Eliazar Chacha

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley

My favorite Professional Sports Team Is…the L.A. Lakers because of Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and what they have done for the game of Basketball.

My favorite dessert is… red velvet cake!

My style inspiration comes from… Kanye West.

My first kiss was… in middle school:-) From that point on she was hooked lol.

My proudest moment was when I… got my acceptance to college and spoke at my high school graduation!

I dream of retiring… in Los Angeles!

The last non-law schoolbook that I read was…The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

This summer, I am most looking forward to… all the free firm summer events with alcohol!

My closet is organized by… type and color. All jeans in one area, all shirts in another and all sweaters and jackets in the back. Shoes on the floor.

On my perfect day off I would… play basketball in the morning with all of my friends, go to a hookah lounge for happy hour, and then go to a house party. Basically my Saturdays:-)

My favorite superhero is… Superman because he can do it all!! Why not have that ability?

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“The 6 foot stunner—Alana Walker. Alana makes dressing well look effortless and comfortable. She epitomizes the classic and feminine East Coast look—something that contrasts my slightly gothic-biker-essence (with a quasi-hipster-hobo flair). The yin and yang of labor law—balancing the classroom for everyone’s viewing pleasure. We all know Professor Barenberg noticed.” –Sharel Iscovitch

Name: Alana Walker

Hometown: Dix Hills, New York

Undergrad: Stanford University

My favorite dessert is…Chocolate Souffle (even though I am allergic to chocolate – it is worth the hives).

My style inspiration comes from… my mother. Like any good southern woman she is ALWAYS put together with classic, elegant, and structured pieces.

My first kiss was… terrible and I would rather not talk about it…

My proudest moment was… organizing my mother’s surprise 60th birthday party. Up until that point she had never had a birthday party.

 I dream of… retiring and taking a cruise around the world

The last non-law schoolbook that I read was… Pill Head by, Joshua Lyon. I love addition memoirs!

This summer, I am most looking forward to… having money again and enjoying NYC.

My closet is organized by…Item and color. I’m a little OCD so every article of clothing has a specific section (IE sweaters, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops, jackets, skirts, and jeans etc.). In addition each item section is color-coded. The colors go in order from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, gray and then white.

On my perfect day off I would… binge watch reality TV with a group of friends while sipping on wine.

My favorite superhero is… Batman because he is a regular guy, who happens to be a billionaire and in his free time he does extraordinary things, like fight crime. It also doesn’t hurt that he as an awesome sidekick in Robin. 



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